This program is designed for mid- to senior-level leaders who have a responsibility in making strategic, data-driven decisions for their organization. You do not need data experience, nor prior technical experience, to attend this program. Roles that incorporate data analysis into their unit, or in their organization’s decision-making process, will find this program beneficial. Also, executives in the fields of marketing, finance, operations, administration, supply chain, new product development, sales, information technology, and research will find this program informative as well.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in using spreadsheets and utilizing Excel to perform a variety of data analysis tasks like data wrangling and data mining
  • Create various charts and plots in Excel & work with IBM Cognos Analytics to build dashboards. Visualize data using Python libraries like Matplotlib
  • Develop working knowledge of Python language for analyzing data using Python libraries like Pandas and Numpy, and invoke APIs and Web Services
  • Describe data ecosystem and Compose queries to access data in cloud databases using SQL and Python from Jupyter notebooks.


  • Microsoft Excel, Python Programming, Data Analysis, Data Visualization (DataViz), SQL, Data Science, Spreadsheet, Pivot Table, IBM Cognos Analytics Dashboard, Pandas, Numpy


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