IT Fundamentals (1 Hr):      This class allows students to learn about the basics of what makes up a computer system, and different types of computer related technologies. Students will learn about computer hardware, operating systems, and various types of applications, mobile devices, and networking. Topics such as basic internal PC operation, the Internet, security, and cloud based networking will also be covered. Students will also be using an Arduino micro-controller and a Raspberry Pi computer to explore digital electronics and computer programming. This class is NOT a computer applications class, but instead explores the underlying technologies that make computers do what they do!
           Computer Repair and Support (2 Hr):  This class will train students in the field of computer repair and support. Students will learn about various computer operating systems, computer hardware and peripherals, mobile devices, and various utility applications. Students will also learn about troubleshooting and repairing various types of computer problems, as well as performing computer modifications and upgrades. Training for obtaining the CompTIA A+ IT support certification is emphasized in this program.

COMPUTER NETWORK SUPPORT:     This is an advanced three-hour class (2 hour with instructor approval) that trains students in the setup and support of local area networks. Students will construct their own network, configure network equipment, and work with Windows and Linux based servers of various types. Students will also learn about topics such as mobile technologies, printing technologies, and advanced troubleshooting techniques. The student will also complete a keystone project. Students in this course will prepare for and take exams to obtain a CompTIA A+ certification.