FULLY FUNDED SCHOLARSHIP [Dateline 30th July 2021]

In line with the Cameroon Minister of Employment and Vocational Training (MINFOP)’s scholarship programs,

The management of Hope For A Better Future Vocational training center (HOBEFI), #Baffousam, wish to encourage interested persons seeking scholarship into our training center in Baffousam to apply for a fully funded scholarship from MINFOP through their delegation in Baffousam.

We are also helping interested person compile application files;
Requirement include;
• Be a Cameroonian
• be age 14 and above
• Having required entre level for the chosen specialty as mentioned below (The once we offer);

To be considered as our candidate, you must be registered in our database for the 2021- 2022 training session. For more on registration as our candidate, visit our website www.hobefi.org to learn more.

For More Information on application for MINFOB’s scholarship visit any of their delegation or our office at ELECAM building, Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda, Center at Bafousam (Carrefour Maitre Mbopda) or call 650139070/658977567 for more information.

Dateline of application of MINFOPs scholarship is 30th July 2021

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